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Customer service hotline: 139 0231 8567
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Shenzhen Jinshun Tiancheng Logistics Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging wooden box service team, is a professional packaging design, production and sales of enterprises. Focus on providing first-class packaging protection products and overall transport packaging solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises in machinery, mould manufacturing, precision instruments, communication equipment, medical equipment and other industries. According to customers'requirements, we can rapidly design and produce different specifications of packaging boxes or cardboard to meet customers' needs and desires.

Company business:

Wood packaging, disinfection wooden box, environmental protection wooden box, export fumigation-free packaging, shock-proof, moisture-proof and rust-proof vacuum packaging design, manufacturing, packaging, cabinet packing, transportation and other professional packaging services to ensure the safety of your product transportation.

Product introduction:

1. Cardboard series: custom-made logs of various specifications, export fumigation, export fumigation-free, cardboard (pallets, pallets). Products are widely used in manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and other industries.
2. Wooden boxes series: non-fumigation wooden boxes, export special wooden boxes, solid wood boxes, non-inspection wooden boxes (providing fumigation certificate), plywood boxes, disinfection, solid wood boxes, vacuum packaging, plywood boxes, medium-fibre wooden boxes, non-inspection wooden boxes, large export load-bearing wooden boxes and other series.
3. Wooden box design: Free consultation, providing customers with cost-saving, labor-saving, scientific packaging and transportation programs.
4. Vacuum Packaging: Provide vacuum anti-rust, moisture-proof and moisture-proof packaging for various mechanical equipment, large heavy machinery, electrical products, precision instruments, etc.
5. Door-to-door packaging of equipment wooden boxes.

Our company is based on the design of packing wooden box cardboard as the main, in line with the concept of "integrity, quality, service, responsibility", looking forward to providing the best transportation and packaging production services for the vast number of business partners! We provide one-stop service [door-to-door, design, production, packaging] to relieve you of all concerns. In the fierce market competition, our company with strong technical force, advanced machinery and equipment, strong production capacity, unique packaging technology, excellent product quality, economic benefits, solid and beautiful, easy disassembly and assembly and satisfactory service attitude, is willing to work with your company to build a good and lasting development cooperation relationship! Welcome you, old and new alike, seeking common ground while reserving differences, friendly cooperation and treating people with sincerity, common development will be the foundation of our industry.


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