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What are the functions of the steel strip in the steel strip box?
Source:      Date:2022-02-26

On the basis of the wooden box, the inlay of steel edge makes the wooden box have hard armor, and a variety of materials also make the wooden box with steel belt during transportation. The use of steel belt box can play a good role in placement, protect articles from collision, and protect edges and corners. The steel belt is the protective cover of the wooden case. Using steel belt, the safety performance of wooden box is more stable, so as to ensure the integrity of customer reception and inspection.

Steel belt box

The principle of steel belt box is to make the whole box under pressure. The box will not loosen regardless of assembly and transportation. At the same time, it avoids problems such as nail loss, nail exposure, few nails, rough process, dust, rain, incorrect treatment of structure and crushing caused by box collision during transportation.

If you want to contribute to the environment, choose a steel belt box. The wooden box has excellent performance, which can not only achieve the purpose of insect repellent, but also moisture-proof. The steel strip box does not need this treatment, which can greatly reduce the cost. The flat surface can easily print patterns and words, which can not only improve the image and grade of products, but also facilitate transportation.

The wooden box with steel belt is connected by steel edge, which is easy to disassemble and assemble and saves transportation cost. Fast packaging can usually be recycled for more than 2 times, and the packaging cost is lower than that of disposable wooden box. Even if the storage space is less than 2 tons, it is very suitable for long-term transportation. Generally, the steel belt box can be divided into six pieces for convenient transportation and storage. When in use, it can be assembled as long as it is convenient, durable, good stacking performance and beautiful.

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