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Manufacturing method of fumigation free wooden box
Source:      Date:2022-03-15

Talk about the manufacturing method of fumigation free wooden box packaging. Fumigation free wooden box is a wooden box made of wood as raw material. Its advantages are high degree of * * * and not easy to deform. It is reinforced with high-strength screws without nailing and good firmness; Fumigation free wooden box combines the advantages of traditional wooden packaging and paper packaging. The product has flat surface, no fumigation, no commodity inspection, high load, waterproof and non-toxic. It can carry any export products, and its appearance and performance are much better than the wooden packaging widely used.

Method for making fumigation free wooden box
1. Making of wooden box
The wooden box is composed of six blocks: base, front and rear plates, left and right plates and cover plate. The base and cover plate are designed and manufactured according to the weight, height and flatness of goods and the central force point. The front and rear plates and left and right plates are manufactured according to common methods. Its advantage is that the wooden box is particularly strong and firm, and can bear the weight of equipment below eight tons. In terms of production design, it is also designed and manufactured according to the external size and weight of goods provided by customers. In the process of making fumigation free wooden box packaging, the fixity of goods has been taken into account to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation, loading and unloading and that the goods arrive at the destination intact.

2. Fumigation free treatment
Now there are two main treatment methods: heat treatment and fumigation with methyl bromide. For heat treatment, the central temperature of wood shall reach 56 ℃ and be maintained for at least 30 minutes during wood packaging treatment. For fumigation, the wood packaging must be fumigated in a closed place under the specified methyl bromide dose for at least 16 hours, and then placed in a ventilated place to reduce the concentration of fumigant below the safe concentration. After any of the above treatments, on the visual position of each commodity in the wooden package, * * * is better to mark a clear and * * * mark on the front and back sides of each commodity. This mark needs to be recognized by the International Plant Protection Convention to prove that the wooden package has been treated as specified.

Fumigation free wooden box

Precautions for making fumigation free wooden box
1. The hole in the box corner should not be too large
If the hole in the corner of the box is too large, the waterproof and moisture resistance of the fumigation free wooden box will be reduced. Especially for some export wooden cases, * * * most of them need to sail at sea. If the loophole in the corner is too large, the goods inside are easy to be affected by moisture. Generally, for wooden cases with automatic sealing, the diameter of the corner hole shall not exceed 5mm.

2. The line pressing position of wooden box shall have sufficient folding resistance
If the folding resistance of the lining wood is poor, it may cause cracks in the indentation part. Therefore, the factory has set up inspection items for the folding resistance of the pressing line of the wooden box. The inspection method is to support and form the wooden box, open and close the cover 270 degrees, and repeat it three times. The wood board and lining must be free of cracks. Different products and different packing machines have different requirements on the design, process and accuracy of wooden cases. When designing fumigation free wooden cases, we should really understand the actual packing situation of customers, so as to meet the packing requirements of customers without causing excess quality.

3. The surface of the Board shall have a certain roughness
When stacking wooden cases, it is often found that the surface smoothness of some wooden plates is quite high. Wooden cases with heavy contents cannot be sucked up. The reason is that the wooden box with high surface smoothness cannot produce enough friction force with the wooden base to pick up the wooden box. Therefore, in this case, it may be considered to choose the wood board with rough surface to replace it.

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