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Application scope and characteristics of steel strip box
Source:      Date:2022-03-03

Steel belt box, also known as quick packing, refers to a detachable and foldable enclosure with brand hot-dip galvanized steel belt for connecting parts and full plywood for the box. Quick packing can usually be recycled for more than 2 times, and the packaging cost is lower than that of disposable wooden cases; No fumigation treatment, reduce the burden on the environment, and can be assembled or disassembled on site.

At present, according to the number of boxes, they are often divided into the following box types: p-type (three piece box) and S-type (six piece box). The current product is p-type three piece box.

Application scope of steel strip box

It is applicable to electrical appliances, hardware industry, electronic communication products, chemical industry, auto parts, * * * health, small and medium-sized machinery, trade, printing, logistics and transportation, beauty equipment and other applicable industries. It will occupy storage and workplace. The products are in large quantities and suitable for products less than 2 tons.

Technical details of steel strip box

Load bearing: quick packing is more suitable for packing workpieces with a weight of less than 2 tons
Specification: the side length is about 300mm ~ 2000mm

Coaming characteristics of steel belt box

1. Light, strong and durable, small space occupation, high folding rate, effectively saving transportation and storage space.
2. The unique flexible loading and unloading method makes the packaging easy to complete and can be loaded and unloaded for many times at the same time.
3. The price has advantages over ordinary frame plywood boxes with the same volume.
4. It has strong climate tolerance and meets the export packaging quarantine standards. It can be exported directly without fumigation heat treatment.
5. The package is beautiful and tidy, and the form standard is one. It is convenient to print graphics and words in the box and improve the image of the product.
6. Customers who use this kind of box have high requirements for packaging and will consider the cushioning of workpieces.
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