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Comparison between steel belt box and traditional wooden box
Source:      Date:2022-02-18

Steel strip box and steel strip detachable wooden box, also known as fast packing, are very popular packing boxes in recent years. It can be used for the packaging of many kinds of goods, and is suitable for export long-distance transportation packaging under harsh transportation conditions; The thickness of plywood is 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and other specifications. There are two kinds of steel belt wooden boxes: first, steel belt boxes with pallets; 2、 Steel belt box without tray.

Compared with the traditional wooden packing box, it is characterized by:

Easy disassembly and reliable connection: the products can be stored and transported after folding, and the steel edge connection is adopted, which greatly reduces the transportation cost and effectively saves the storage space. It is more suitable for packing goods with a weight of less than 2 tons. It is a good choice for long-term transportation and long-term storage. Usually, the box can be divided into six pieces, which is convenient for transportation and assembled when in use. The side length is generally about 300mm-2000mm.

Strong and durable, with good stacking performance;

Steel belt box

No fumigation / heat treatment: the product is made of plywood, fiberboard or veneered particleboard treated with high temperature and high pressure sterilization, which is free from fumigation, disinfection and moth. You can go through customs directly without complicated procedures such as fumigation / heat treatment, which saves you time and labor and material costs.

High grade and beautiful appearance: the surface color of the box is simple and generous, and the surface is smooth and flat. It is convenient to print graphics and words in the box, so as to improve the product grade and image.

Nailless strip is a fumigation free wooden packing box made of multi-layer plywood connected by galvanized steel. Closed wooden cases that can be assembled or disassembled on site. Inspection free wooden cases can bring many vital benefits to customers:

1、 For the packing boxes currently used by customers, if they are replaced with steel side boxes, the cost of each box can be reduced by 5%. Calculated according to the packing cost of 10 million yuan per year, it can save 500000 yuan per year for customers.

2、 The safety performance is more stable, which ensures the integrity of customer receiving and inspection. The principle of steel side box is that the box is stressed as a whole. No matter it is assembled or transported, the inspection free wooden box will not be loose. At the same time, it avoids the problems of missing nails, exposed nails, few nails, rough process, dust, rain, improper structural treatment, scattering caused by box collision during transportation and so on; It improves the safety of product transportation and ensures the integrity of customers when receiving goods.

3、 The packaging image has been greatly improved, and the product and company image have been greatly improved. The inspection free wooden box and steel side box are currently internationally and domestically recognized high-end packaging products, which reflect your company's brand image and distance from peers!

4、 Greatly reduce the management cost of customers. Because the steel side box is simple to assemble and the material consumption belongs to normative materials, it will save a lot of working time whether it is quality inspection or on-site management!

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