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Benefits of removable wooden cases
Source:      Date:2022-03-10

Removable wooden box packaging: including tray, box and box cover, which is composed of more than one section of coaming by stacking; The coaming is composed of four or six boards and hinges; The hinge is fixedly connected to the corner of two adjacent boards, the lower part of the page body is provided with a hinge foot extending downward and bending outward, and the inner side of the hinge foot is sleeved on the outside of the corner of the tray or the outer side of the upper part of the hinge at the corner of the next section of coaming. The box can be disassembled without damaging the integrity of components, and can be reused.

Wooden packing

Wooden packing
Advantages of detachable wooden box
1. The length and width of the coaming box are customized according to the size of the tray, and the number of layers can be determined according to the height of the load, which greatly improves the utilization of the box space.
2. The nailless operation significantly reduces the risk of industrial injury during loading and unloading. It ensures the safety of workers
3. There is no case that the whole box is scrapped due to partial damage of the box. For the same size, it can be completely interchanged.
4. During transportation, the coaming can be folded into a double-layer or four layer connected wood structure and placed on the pallet, which greatly reduces the volume of freight and effectively reduces the transportation cost.

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