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Wooden Box Packaging Relying on Good Economy and Green Standard Wooden Packaging
Source:      Date:2018-06-15
Wooden Box Packaging Depends on Benefiting Economy and Walks the Way of Green and Normalized Wooden Packaging

Experts from packaging industry all over the country pointed out that with the development of economy, the packaging industry in China has been separated from the status of accessories and become a real commodity. China has also become the second largest packaging country in the world. The report of the conference pointed out that China's total packaging volume was 9.72 million, with sales of 12.2 billion yuan, including more than 3 million wooden cases and sales of nearly 40 billion yuan.

According to G3 comprehensive report: Wooden box packaging has been widely used in packaging industry because of its special stability and easy preservation, especially in the transport of machinery and equipment with more assembling parts, wood packaging has played a full role. Obviously, the economic development is closely related to the export and foreign trade industries, but also closely related to the packaging industry.

According to experts'forecasts, the moderate recovery of the world economy has basically been established this year. Domestically, the growth rate of China's foreign trade in 2015 is expected to reach 6%. At present, China is actively promoting a new round of expansion and opening up strategy. The experience gained by the Shanghai free trade pilot area will be extended to other regions and even the whole country. The "one belt and one way" strategy will enter the implementation stage. The General Administration of Customs pointed out that the bilateral trade of the "one belt and one way" country or region will grow by about 7%. A series of favorable economic situations show that China's foreign trade will make more positive progress in the future.

With the implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law, the concept of green packaging has sprung up all over the country. Some people in the industry have questioned that wooden packaging wastes wood resources, does not meet the development requirements of the new situation, and is difficult to survive. For this reason, China's wooden box packaging industry is outstanding. Agile packaging points out that wooden boxes themselves account for a small proportion, easy to recycle, low cost of wood materials, low use price, and themselves belong to pollution-free green resources, so wooden boxes exactly conform to the concept of green packaging. In the future, Agile Packaging will take the lead, leading the wood packaging industry towards a more green and environmentally friendly direction.
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