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The development prospect of large-scale equipment packaging in the next few years!
Source:      Date:2019-04-15
In order to adapt to the continuous development of the world machinery manufacturing industry, China is also constantly innovating in large-scale equipment packaging to meet customer needs. So what is the development focus of large-scale equipment packaging in China in the next few years? What are the characteristics of large-scale equipment packaging abroad at present?

At present, China's large-scale equipment packaging because of too few varieties, technology level is not perfect, so in the face of fierce international competition, compared with other countries, China will suffer a lot. Therefore, in the future, with reference to the characteristics of foreign packaging technology, China has also formulated its own development priorities for large-scale equipment:

1. Environmental protection of mechanical packaging.

2. Corrugated board production line and printing set.

3. On-line and off-line testing equipment.

4. Container equipment.

5. Aseptic packaging technology.

For the packaging of mechanical and electrical equipment, there are three standards: specialization, standardization and marketization. Combined with the requirement of cost saving, man-made panels are widely used, which not only expands the export of mechanical and electrical products, but also contributes to the development of environment and economy in China.

Over the past few years, China's investment in machinery and equipment industry has reached 32 billion yuan. Since most of our processing and packaging equipment is imported, this paper summarizes the new characteristics of foreign machinery packaging.

1. High production efficiency, highly automated production and large-scale production have a positive impact on productivity and economic benefits.

2. The reusability of resources is relatively strong.

3. Driven by new technology, the quality of products is guaranteed.

4. Use the least cost to produce the best products.

5. Make good use of scientific research results in commerce, realize the combination of science and technology with products, create greater benefits, and truly realize the change of life by science and technology.

Above mentioned is our future development focus on large-scale equipment, starting from automation, flexibility, environmental protection and other aspects, while constantly learning from foreign packaging technology, but also to strengthen our own innovation and manufacturing capacity, hoping that our future packaging technology level will be higher and higher!
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