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Professional Supply Exhibition screw bolted wooden box can be disassembled many times using wooden box
Source:      Date:2019-04-20
With the change of economy and market, more and more enterprises will publicize and sell their products through exhibitions and exhibitions. Then there will be packaging problems related to the transportation and use of exhibition products. What can be more labor-saving and economical packaging methods to solve them? Next, I would like to introduce a special removable wooden box designed by our company for exhibition customers, that is, the bolt and bolt can be disassembled many times using wooden box, exhibition wooden box. According to our actual calculation, this wooden box can withstand at least 100 roundtrip transportation and disassembly.

The original intention of designing this wooden box is to provide more convenient and economical transportation packaging for exhibition customers. The screw wooden box can be assembled and disassembled conveniently. When not in use, the screw can be disassembled and all the panel materials can be stacked, thus saving more space. When it needs to be used, it can also be assembled conveniently and quickly by a person. The wooden boxes of Ribo Packing Exhibition have the following characteristics: firm, all the reinforcing bars are processed with 40*80 material, which can bear overlapping force up to about one ton; with diversification, customers can disassemble them in various ways according to their own conditions, they can only disassemble one side plate, one cover plate, or separate the whole face from the bottom, so as to assemble them. It will also be faster. This kind of exhibition wooden box can also be used as export wooden box.

Rabo Wooden Box Factory, a professional exposition wooden box supplier. Provide customers with the best transport packaging scheme and products of exhibition products. The wooden box of Rabo Expo can be used for 100 times of dismantling, assembly and transportation. Rabo wooden cases, only produce safe wooden cases.
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